Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surpassing Fair

A final measure
of music for your pleasure,
fading and receding,
for even sound needs
equivalent rest.

A quiet followed the
cascading dome of
waning tone,
a quiet so deep and engaged
that we froze,
with awe and with reverence,
marveling at the beauty
of our own vital participation
in the mystery of silence.

you invited yourself here today
to realize and to celebrate
the truth and beauty,
the possibility
of life without subjugation,
without mongering, hate
or destruction.

you are here,
and you are hearing
sun and moon and stars
merged with your souls
in harmoniousness
and peace.

this is real
and you can feel it;
there is but One,
and That is called Being.

this moment is forever
and is yours to keep;
it is the gift you bring
—the gift we all bring to
the beauty of Being.

This is the peace
that has eluded
in part because
you did not remember
it was yours to be,
yours to bring and share,
yours, surpassing fair.

A next heartbeat,
a newer breath,
and the room shimmered,
setting us back into our seats,
then raising us to our feet,
returning us
from the well of souls
our silent music had made
to appreciate the musical offering
that took us there.

© 2012 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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