Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ode: Owing to Knowing Owen

            for Owen Orser on the occasion of his
                  80th Birthday - March 19, 2017

Owing to Owen, what say we?
occupying a strand of paisley tapestry,
you’ve traversed the human condition;
each day is a trip across the boards,
be it filled with joys or woeful travesty-
but the play is all, a daily mission,
a practice born of keen observation,
a way toward, an attempt at perfection.

Flying on your golden thread
through the fabric of our gathered
storms and strays, camera at the ready
to find and stay moments rather
lovely, to store them in mind’s eye
for that future chance to set steady
a stage where magic might make
an appearance, for art’s sake.

The eyes of Owen,
the beauty of birds flown,
all the subtle bon mots, placed and sewn
into our shared space, loved and known,
a sheaf of programmes, artfully strown,
the screen, the drape, column and bench on loan,
for today’s lesson
on the question
of expression:
‘Tis not about the big impression,
but rather the interior exploration
coming to collation
in concentration
revealed by measured ration,
drawing into one
every eye and ear,
when all is said and done.
That is why we gather here,
Friends, what we lovingly cheer!
To proclaim our heartfelt renown
for that by which we are bound,
Owing to knowing Owen.

© 2017 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

Post Post-Modern Dance

Mu-sick in phrases
            out of phase,
                        emergent from fog or haze;
Non-facing dances,
            gyrating prances,
                        flying glances;

Rapping, not rolling,
            less controlled, controlling,
                        some phone-strolling;
Grooving hive-mind,
            yet seemingly blind,
                        to others plying the grind;
Dysfunction junction,
            though yet to malfunction,
                        exhibiting sejunction;
Just looks like jerking,
            some call it twerking,
                        but they’re all just hurking.

© 2017 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

Hurking is a made-up word I found in the Urban Dictionary. The assigned meaning for this neologism: “The act of doing, or participating in an event or activity, in which you have to participate to discover what it is.”