Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sea Swings

Gravity weighs;
whether from weight 
of losses, resulting
in masses,
or the forces
that must be exerted
carrying the daily load,
gravity weighs.

Have a seat!
Let your feet dangle,
Hang like a puppet suspended,
and Take a load off,

While the column rises
to meet the leeward breeze,
and we wait with anticipation.

Slowly, even as we rise,
the rotation begins,
and our feet swish
through the bracing air.

The column head tilts rakishly,
as we fly through the air;
gulls sail by, looking us in the eye,
and we sail with them.

As we rise up,
all our thoughts,
our hearts and delights
come along for the ride.

Together, all rise
in shared boundlessness,
until the ride subsides.

Gravity weighs less
when centripetal force
unites us centrally
in moving straight ahead.

Gravity weighs less,
and tension, too,
when they can make us fly,
and do.

© 2015 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen