Tuesday, January 8, 2013


                       -inspired by Lorraine H. L.

o Breathe, my soul,
as the atmosphere caresses you,
molding to the shape of your true self.

expand and let the universe
feel the you-ness that is yours;
pour that essence through the chalices of time.

o Breathe the now
that is fully all of this and more,
a you-infused gift to anoint us all.

o Breathe, my soul,
taste, see and feel your place
in the vastness of your possibility.

© 2013 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

There is a place where singing and love and divine union each feel like swimming in an ocean whose sole purpose is to utterly and completely support you, rising and falling of your phrases, climaxing and subsiding to rest, within and outside you. This is creation and renewal in one motion, rare to apprehend, rarer still to consciously experience. Even at the brink, as we make our song, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, life abounds within and all around us, over and above us. Breathe and phrase and be who you are.