Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flights of Fancy

Gifted by the sun
for the full measure of this day,
the soft strokes of pollen-laden branches
along the side of this house
invite honeybee and hummingbird,
alike and united by a love of unfailing sweetness,
to rejoice in these dwindling days of summer.

Lifted from some glum
thought or worry or hurry,
the loft glows with sun-drenched particles
that, spiraling, seemingly long to find freedom
beyond the windowpane and sash,
much like muted, even urgent thoughts
tend to curl gracefully upward and outward.

Sifted, as through dun
and drear, merry and colorful thoughts contrast,
the toft now billowing with rising and sprightly intimations
of what suspended moment could hold—
if not being this brief encounter with bliss, then what?
—and one wonders why one doesn’t
surrender more frequently to such flights

—Which thought intrusion, of course, breaks the tender thread…

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