Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quieter Condensations

The circles of my life are ever widening;
like the rings shaped in the pool by the falling tear,
of joy or of sorrow;
they reach out with hands that are joined,
or will be joined,
or will be joined again,
in the passing moment,
on a rose-scented breeze.

I have discovered two things in my life,
only two things of meaning, of worth,
and these two truths I know,
or apprehend:
Love and Unity.

These truths,
these beings of light,
rise up with the sun,
quietly scented, ascendant evaporations
of quieter condensations:
the collected dreams and thoughts
of all our days and all our ways,
to come and gone,
and shimmering most Now.
These rise up, offering in beauty
the better parts of us,
individual and communal;
our hopes and aspirations fly with them,
yet palpably singing a soft evolution,
an unfolding,
like the nascent bud,
whose unraveling releases its sweet and unending scent
into the breezeways of consciousness,
so that I can tell you this Now.

And as the circles of my life ever widen,
I know that Love and Unity
are met in me,
and that, starting now and ever,
and with all my befores,
and all my latters,
I shall wake,
I shall wake and keep waking,
as i rise, As I Rise, AS I RISE
with the quietly rose-scented, ascendant evaporations
of quieter condensations.

© 2010 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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