Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meditations in Fast Times: 24. Many are we, but one

Note to Readers: “Meditations in Fast Times” is a devotional writing experiment for the Season of Lent. Each day during the season, I am writing a poem as a meditation on, taking as my inspiration and intertextual basis, T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets”, as well as incorporating the daily office, current events, and other readings—some the same as those Eliot used while composing his seminal work and others.


Many are we, but one;
myriad leaves flow from one root,
as all bow in the sun,
entrained we are to follow suit.

They who sing, dance or write,
by such action serve all the world;
changed, all are made bright,
with diamond intersections knurled.

Together, into age from youth,
as the pages turn through time,
we, entangled, form truth;
we, knotted inextricably, rhyme.

To live is to love and share;
earthly meaning, laid bare.

© 2014 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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