Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dedication or Life After Nine-Eleven

Not the same being
except that
does not change.

Journeys end in beginnings,
which is to say:
the song has no end.

All we see,
the choices that we make
irrevocably affect creation
in ways we can never fully know,
in time or out,
even if time
exists only as an imagining.

The challenge of existence,
of life, of land, of love:
to do what is right
in every moment,
especially in the face of all that is wrong,
especially when right is the hardest choice to make.

Not righteousness,
but rightness and good
demands a continual yielding
to our better nature—
this is the soft and gentle sword
that cleaves all obstacles
from love, land and life.

The song has no end,
but the harmony of peace
shall only be realized
through truth, love and beauty,
in life lived with honesty, grace and

© 2011 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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