Friday, April 22, 2011


          a song for Good Friday

          Before I go may I linger over my last refrain, completing its music, 
          may the lamp be lit to see your face and the wreath 
          woven to crown you.
                       Rabindranath Tagore
                       Fruit-Gathering: LI

Steal in,
Steal in softly,
Steal in silently, sweet thief;
Flow into my vision, my being,
Like the drawing on of dusk.
Soothe away the aches and sorrows,
Smooth away all worries and cares, and
In your ebbing tide, wash me, from inside out,
Until you ebb away all doubt, all guilt, all traces of ugliness,
Until you fill my veins and my visioning with beauty,
Gently restoring me to the pure essence that was born of you.

Steal in,
Steal in softly, Beloved,
Steal in slowly, sweet thief;
Flow like jasmine scented dusk into my senses,
Sing like the nightingale in my veins,
Melt me into your consciousness,
Fold me into your arms
Until I am nothing,
But a memory fading on the horizon,
As the light fades from flame to rose.

Steal in softly, and
Sweetly end our song,
Signaling night to draw a discreet curtain
On our eternal embrace and slumbering.

© 2011 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

This poem was written in 2002, and has a companion piece that is for Easter.
This text has been set to music by composer James Hurd.
Check back on Easter, if you want to see the companion piece.

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