Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This holds that,
plus this and that,
better than the old glass dish
you gave away last year;
trouble is,
this is toxic,
while that was not.

This allows you to talk,
to walk and talk,
to drive a car and talk,
and even to take pictures
and do research while
talking, walking and driving;
trouble is, you have to pay a fee,
charge it with expensive power,
and have a sense that when you are using it,
it is for something worthwhile,
because if you are doing all those things
with it while driving, you could get a ticket.

This is inside your head,
and holds far more than the toxic dish,
and does far more than the electronic device,
believe it or not;
this is built to last a lifetime:
is not toxic,
does not need batteries,
cannot be given away,
and doesn’t need to be regulated,
though it must be fed and nurtured.

This last item, used correctly,
renewing itself, as it does,
with the changing tides of concerns mundane and noetic,
has the potential to maintain its value and relevance.

The other items will no doubt end up in the dustbin;
it is only a matter of time.

© 2011 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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