Thursday, April 28, 2011

Referral Spammers, Get A Life!

I always find it interesting that there are people who imagine that someone will click their links to pay for diet tips or training-in-how-to-be-an-annoying-spammer-for-money. These poor, deluded folks are located all over the world.

I could probably start a similar website of my own called "How To Be A Bitch". But I won't--I don't need to, someone else has already done this, I am sure.

But, as it is, this site is a site that is not devoted to making money or losing weight or porn or beauty products or anything remotely as stupifyingly inane as that.

This site is about creativity, and to a certain extent, critical thinking.

What is written up here is copyright protected. I am well aware that I cannot make money by flogging my blogging, and that it is ridiculous to try to do so.

I cannot imagine how all of you trying to sell decorating services in Russia and skin products in Brazil, and I cannot read the Cambodian site, so I don't know what you are trying to sell (could it be bootlegged DVDs of a prurient nature?) are going to find a client in me, but you can, I suppose, keep trying.

Really, I find it rather a sad and even an amusing commentary on humanity that people think they can get ahead in life by being such annoying leeches. Someone should do a sociological and economic study on whether this kind of BS is profitable.

Having commented on the phenomenon may perhaps bring more of such traffic. I am aware of that. But I want all of you who engage in referral spam to know that all it does is make me laugh and hope that the human species evolves sooner, rather than later.

That is all; you make me laugh.

So, by all means, if you feel you need to make me laugh, keep it up.

But, otherwise, may God BLESS you all, and may you find some illuminating light and peace, and a real life that is not so much caught up in sales or money or being annoying.

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