Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Meeting Place

Here we stand,
Face to face,
Where wave and particle meet;
At the junction of all and nothing,
We stand here, now,
Caught in one another’s gaze.

We can feel time as a wind blowing through our souls,
Faster and faster, forward and back,
Converging ever now, ever new;
Time asks nothing of us, but gathers up our songs,
Like fallen leaves, and carries them to Elsewhere and Back,
So that we may know ourselves then, now or later,
And so we might be known,
In once and future remembrance,
From the beginning.

We stand, face to face,
The soles of our feet defining the holiness
That rises up from the sacred grounding,
Through our extremities of mind, soul and spirit,
Tuning our singular form to its uttermost frequency.
From within the inner knowing of the outer knowing,
And from without the outer knowing of the inner knowing,
We reach forward with the smile reserved for the beloved.

Kiss all that lies beyond us,
And know that it is good—
For that is all we need to know,
And there is no greater joy.
Blessed be the One who made all other,
For the simple pleasure of conversation,
For the delight of laughter, light and lightness,
For the recognition of all that is beyond self,
And is, therefore, the fairest expression of selfless beauty.

Standing face to face,
Here, at the Holy of Holies, now and ever,
Accept the love offerings we plant in your fertile soil,
Help us to tend them well and, knowing their potential,
Let us watch them bear us fruit most beautiful and sweet,
And let us join in the harvest together,
And may the harvest go on from this day forth,
In joy and peace, forever and evermore.

© 2011 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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