Friday, March 11, 2011

Chain Reactions

Earthquakes, tsunamis, boardroom shakeups and union busting. What do these have in common? People.

We are part of an interconnected web of existence, as much as we want to believe that we are untouchable islands living in hermetically sealed bell jars.

The planet is a living system, people are living systems, and the natural world is a web of life so intricate, it will never be fully understood.

There are people in the world whose only thought is greed-driven toward accumulation of material wealth. Corporations are given the same status as living beings, but let me note for the record: there is no life there but the life of the thief who steals under the cover of night.

The governor of Wisconsin is paving the way for collective bargaining to be a thing of the past, the conservative wing of the Wisconsin legislature is engaged in union busting, and the President of the United States says nothing about any of this.

We have a class of politicians that works for the banks, the insurance companies and other corporate interests, many of which do their banking abroad, rather than in the U.S.

Regulation and oversight are abandoned as archaic.

There are people who tell us that we must live by sets of values. These are the people who are eroding and eliminating systems that work for the benefit of people and planet. These very people spew the rhetoric, but do whatever they want. These people are inhumanists. Their actions cause destructive chain reactions that ripple through the natural world, leaving paths of devastation in their wake.

I mention this because we live on a small, rare planet. No matter what we humans do to one another, nothing will ever trump nature. So take that, you inhumanists!

For a number of weeks, I have followed the articles in the papers about earthquakes. You can view information about earthquakes that have happened worldwide at this web address:

The most fascinating thing is the pattern that is so very clear of where earthquakes most frequently occur. As long as two weeks ago, I had seen a pattern of activity that led to the big New Zealand quake. It looked very much like a chain reaction. I wondered if there would be other large quakes along the typical quake pattern lines. That question was answered today, as devastation continues to ripple through the natural world, leaving paths of devastation in its wake.

Let us all say a prayer for the people, worldwide, who are suffering from shock in one of these devastated areas. Let us all say a prayer for the people, worldwide, who are becoming further marginalized by corrupt politicians. Let us say a prayer for the children who have been orphaned and left homeless because a natural disaster killed their parents.

More, let us say a prayer for all the inhumanists, that their hearts of stone will become hearts of flesh, filled with compassion for the needs and well-being of others.

Let us pray that the inhumanists will one day become wholeheartedly human.

If such a day dawns, that will show that human-beings have finally evolved from their primitive childhood.

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