Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Think System

Ideas float like motes of dust
through the sun charged ether,
of conscious and unconscious being,
waiting to be caught in a web
of substantial thought.

Fog lies thick
on the ground
of our doings,
sometimes hiding from view
what should be clear
and in the open,

The world turns
on a scientific principal
that can neither be diverted
nor controlled,
but all other doings rely
on cooperative interaction
between two or more
ordered points
within a vector.

The magnitude
of the motion,
and whether it is
bound or free,
depends upon
what the carrier
is doing.

How shall you
carry the world forward?

Shall you force,
or abstain?

How shall your
motions be measured
from the initial point
to your terminus?

Shall you be
an angle,
a product,
an orientation,
a contravariant,
a semi-norm
a cross
or a null?

And when
it is all over,
and measured,
will any of it
have been worth
the exercise?

A web
of substantial thought
awaits all ordered points
that wish to engage in
consciously cooperative

© 2011 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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