Saturday, November 27, 2010


An image forms in my internal spaces,
brought by a sudden breeze off the water,
a message from a twin being
somewhere, beyond the seas
of my imaginings
            and of quantum realities.

My thoughts break from mundane patterns
to recourse themselves
along deeper channels of my knowing,
to weather among more ancient longings,
connecting earth to sky and ocean.

Where I am embedded in this life's frame,
the meaning of the message is perplexing.

But where my unseen roots in the earth
reach depths beyond fathoms,
where my invisible wings soar
to heights beyond the moon,
I know, my dear, I know.

It is from those places
that a song wells up for you,
a return message sent up, out and over,
back on the changing breeze,
back through the waters
that bind and sustain us.

© 2010 Elisabeth T. Eliassen

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