Monday, October 4, 2010


Water runs over rocks;
moss clings.

Feet wade in water;
light ripples.

Body crouching low;
shadows cast clarity’s net.

Beak claps like chopsticks;
expectation speaks.

Flicker in the mirror;
opportune moment.

Beak parts water;
fish protests…

Silence follows swallow;
a worthy lunch.

from Brief Encounters With Fluidity
© 2008 by Elisabeth T. Eliassen

This arose from the observation of a gorgeous heron, fishing in a saltwater pond near Bay Farm Island. This bird was not shy of being watched, even with kids tossing pebbles into the water to see the resulting water ripples. The strangest thing was hearing the heron clap its beak in anticipation, or perhaps to get the fish to dart out of a hiding place in the rocks. Somehow, it seemed like the bird version of a watering mouth…

And, with that, I depart for a luncheon date with a friend! 

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